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This area gets lots of rainbows, on those occasions when it rains. Not only are they pleasant to look at, they are also fascinating scientific phenomena, and spark all kinds of interesting metaphorical thought trails.

Furthermore, my polarized sunglasses serve as rainbow enhancers. In my own personal visual field, rainbows are brighter and easier to spot than in boring ol' consensus reality! But they're still there.
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Today I am thankful for the two hummingbirds that were hovering around a bush on my morning dog walk being adorably decorative and unusually noncombative.
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Today I am thankful for substitute yoga instructors. Whenever a new person teaches the class, I learn some new technique or stretch or way of thinking about a pose. Variety is very helpful to my personal practice.
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Today I am thankful for transcontinental airplane flights. I complain, yeah, but also I can go basically anywhere I might want to be in less than a day (maybe two days if I am going to literally the other side of the planet). That is pretty cool, you guys. It's not teleportation but it sure beats walking.
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Today I am thankful for my lovely tough hiking boots, which so wonderfully support my ankles.

We are in Virginia, visiting Brooks and Suzanne's relatives! Today we went hiking in the rain, and got really close to a deer which was in no way concerned about us.
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Today I am thankful for stained glass and the artists who put it together.
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Today I am thankful that the shampoo bottle in the shower says "Shampooing Dompte-Frisottis" (frizz-taming shampoo). Something about that phrase always makes me a little more cheerful. It's so bouncy.
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Today I am thankful for my bicycle. Whoooosh!
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Today I am thankful for chocolate. I commend to your attention Martha Stewart's Double Chocolate Brownies and note that if you don't have bittersweet chocolate, unsweetened plus 1 tablespoon sugar per ounce appears to be a cromulent substitute. Good lord these are intense.
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Today I am thankful for washing machines and clothes dryers.
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Today I am thankful for soft cushions. There is nothing like a sofa for lounging.
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Today I am thankful for modern dentistry, anesthesiology, and medical professionals who are legitimately good with kids. (Morgan needed several fillings but was too anxious to cope with the dentist while awake. Everything went very smoothly and she is all better now.)
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Today I am thankful for the increasing self-entertainment capabilities of children as they age. Also for the ability to speak for stuffed animals, invent scenery and imaginary props, and adapt to their play partner's preferences in matters such as "Shall we play more chase or shall we lie here on the bed where we have fallen?"

Also for a kid who is willing to tidy up after art projects with minimal prompting and no complaining.
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Today I am thankful for Google Maps. Hooray, turn-by-turn directions to arbitrary destinations!
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Today I am thankful for artichokes, and for the fact that we live near the fields where most of the artichokes in the US are grown. Mmmmm, artichokes. Thank you, unknown domesticators. "Let's eat this thistle" is a crazy idea but you stuck with it and it paid off. Well done.
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Today I am thankful for [livejournal.com profile] andres_s_p_b, particularly for his mad kid bedtime routine skills and enthusiasm. The color pirates salute you, sir.
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Today I am thankful for tiny delicious very ripe strawberries. Yum.

Also, yogurt. Good stuff. Kind of bizarre in concept but very tasty in execution.
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Today I am thankful for pipes. We're right in the middle of a truly nasty multi-year drought, and I can still turn a knob to make clean water, at any temperature I want, fall from the ceiling. That is pretty cool, you guys. Heck of a technology, running water.
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Today I am thankful for the nice clerk at my favorite hardware store, who let me exchange the felt pads I'd bought for the right size and gave me the change from the price difference in cash even though I didn't have a receipt.
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Status: Success!

I am writing this on March 31st, and due to a horror of March dropping more things on my head last-minute I am not going to post it until tomorrow. It doesn't count as bragging if nobody's seen it yet, right? Right. (I will update this paragraph if anything awful happens on Tuesday.) (Nothing awful happened on Tuesday. Tuesday was nice and relaxed.)

Anyway. March! My goal for the month was Live Through March, I have lived through March, all is well. Now I can continue with various organize and declutter goals that got delayed by March Happening, and hang out with friends, and sit down and properly compose this song that's been pounding on my brain trying to get out, or maybe skip it in favor of the other one that just jumped me and is more cheerful and representative of my actual existence, and clean off my desk, and actually write up this insight I had about Why We Are All So Busy These Days that I have been meaning to share, although obviously not all at once and in fact not as fast as I had been planning because dealing with chicken mites has been occupying really irritatingly large chunks of my time lately. We are not all so busy because of chicken mites, chicken mites are irrelevant to most people's busyness levels, that is not the insight.

March did eat the Spring Egg Hunt I was planning to do again this year, which is a darned shame. But between the mites and the busyness (and the earliness of Easter this year) there was no time for planning and prep, so instead we will be going off to a community egg hunt in Los Altos this weekend. I expect it'll be a bit of a madhouse. Maybe we can do one here later in the spring, or for Morgan's birthday. With any luck the mites will be gone eventually, yes? Some day?

Soon we have out-of-town visitors and the great lawyer document signing day and my birthday and cherry blossom festivals and concerts in the plaza and all manner of excitement. And right now I have Lived Through March. Go me.


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