May. 11th, 2017

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(I skipped some. Sorry!)

Tori is eleven months old.

She walks about 75% of the time, occasionally crawling if she falls down partway to her destination. She can go up stairs very quickly, and loves to go down the slides at the park in somebody's lap. She also loves swings and wrestling and climbing anything that holds still long enough to be climbed. She's trying to figure out how to go down stairs and get off of couches and so forth. She does well sometimes, but also thinks that just rolling off sideways should be fine, so she does not in fact get to practice unassisted on things higher than a cushion yet.

Physical Development
She has eight teeth and eats everything you could possibly expect eight teeth to manage and lots of things you wouldn't. She's really thirsty -- I don't remember Morgan drinking anything near this much water, but I guess she was getting more calories from breastmilk so maybe she just didn't need as much.

Sleep has been a bit disordered lately. I sure hope she'll settle into just moving her nap to the afternoon rather than dropping it entirely, but I am having a hard time adapting to not having a nice predictable morning nap.

Tori is still enormous. She's in mostly 18-month clothing now. She can reach the tops of entirely too much of the furniture, and she's very strong. Unfortunately, this strength is not combined with a more-than-usually advanced knowledge of how not to kick Mama in the face while nursing, how not to yank sister's hair, how to pat gently rather than smack with all one's considerable might, etc.

She has very little hair of her own yet, but there is now enough that if it's wet it can be made to stick up.

Communication is interesting. Tori can pretty effectively answer yes/no questions by being enthusiastic or not, and clearly understands a lot of requests.

She knows the sign for 'milk', but usually only uses it when someone else has just shown it to her, or when she's nursing. She hasn't really used it independently as a request yet. She does use arms-up to request being picked up, and sort of whole-arm pointing to indicate things of interest she can't reach, usually when being carried. She claps and gives high fives. She miiiiiight have tried to use the signs for 'more', 'all done', and 'diaper', but not repeatably enough for me to be sure.

She's gradually developing more syllables and intonation. She'll babble back and forth with people, but doesn't seem interested in copying anything other than raspberries.

Tori loves the dog, her sister, the baby in the mirror, balls, the shape sorter, blocks, and anything that makes noise or has parts that can be moved. She has just recently discovered books as something more complicated than bricks that can be knocked off a shelf, although she's still not much interested in sitting and being read to. She likes to turn pages, she likes pages with close-ups of faces, and she likes when I do funny voices.

Tori likes to look at the baby in the mirror, and especially to go back and forth between the baby in the over-the-sink mirror and the baby in the bathroom door mirror, which are about a 90° angle apart. She has discovered that the mirror baby is bad at the pass-the-thing-back-and-forth game, but quite good at high fives.

She is fascinated by places she's not supposed to be, especially the pantry and Morgan's room, and remarkably quick to notice a door left ajar. She may have figured out how to defeat the babyproofing on the art supply cabinet; it might not have been latched properly but I'm suspicious.

She has just figured out that things can be put inside other things, not just taken out of them, so she has been experimenting with putting parts of different toys together to see what fits where.

She's hit a stage where she's very excited about new things to look at/manipulate/chew, so we should really get out more. Tomorrow we will try the parent/child class at the Little Gym.


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