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All right, you bitter-end clingers-to-the-old. It looks like this may in fact be the point where the critical mass of folks I keep up with here have moved on and LJ is, in fact, dead. The consensus seems to be that it died a while ago, really, but as a dyed-in-the-wool clinger-to-the-old myself, well. I'm stubborn and set in my ways.

I'll switch over to Dreamwidth, for what good that does, and can also be found on G+. I'll leave this post up while I decide what if anything to do with the rest of the journal; if you'd like to leave contact information, this is the place. (Or of course over on Dreamwidth.) I suppose I'll screen comments in case anyone wants to leave me an email address or something of that nature -- I am happy to correspond individually although not always good at replying quickly. I do not have a Facebook account and do not intend to change that, so that's not a good way to keep up with me.
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